Representations, Wavelets, and Frames

Representations, Wavelets, and Frames
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2008
Forlag Birkhauser Boston
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9780817646837
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Om Representations

Motivated by applications, an underlying theme in analysis is that of finding bases and understanding the transforms that implement them. These may be based on Fourier techniques or involve wavelet tools; they may be orthogonal or have redundancies (e.g., frames from signal analysis). Representations, Wavelets, and Frames contains chapters pertaining to this theme from experts and expositors of renown in mathematical analysis and representation theory. Topics are selected with an emphasis on fundamental and timeless techniques with a geometric and spectral-theoretic flavor. The material is self-contained and presented in a pedagogical style that is accessible to students from both pure and applied mathematics while also of interest to engineers.The book is organized into five sections that move from the theoretical underpinnings of the subject, through geometric connections to tilings, lattices and fractals, and concludes with analyses of computational schemes used in communications engineering. Within each section, individual chapters present new research, provide relevant background material, and point to new trends and open questions.Contributors: C. Benson, M. Bownik, V. Furst, V. W. Guillemin, B. Han, C. Heil, J.A. Hogan, P.E.T. Jorgensen, K. Kornelson, J.D. Lakey, D.R. Larson, K.D. Merrill, J.A. Packer, G. Ratcliff, K. Shuman, M.-S. Song, D.W. Stroock, K.F. Taylor, E. Weber, X. Zhang.


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