Beverage Punch Recipes: The Ultimate Col

Beverage Punch Recipes: The Ultimate Col
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Utgivelsesår 2012
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781105259555
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Om Beverage Punch Recipes: The Ultimate Col

The 400+ Hot & Cold Beverages Punch Recipes contains great recipes for a huge variety of both hot and cold drinks, perfect for holiday family gathering or a wedding, your next party, or just for some easy and fabulous drink ideas for yourself. Surprise and please your guests and yourself with one of the hundreds of tasty, refreshing punches you will find in this e-book. Here are some samples of the recipes: Aloha Fruit Punch; Apple Slush Punch; Apple Slush Punch; Bridal Sweet Punch; Canadian Punch; Champagne Punch; Chocolate Punch; Christmas Cranberry Punch; Cinnamon Candy Punch; Citrus Mint Punch; Coffee Chocolate Punch; Cranberry Holiday Punch; Cranberry-Lemon Punch; Double Sherbet Punch; Frosted Fruit Punch; Fruity Sherbet Punch; Garden Tea Punch; Ginger Apple Fruit Punch; Grapefruit-Strawberry Punch; Hot Christmas Punch; Hot Milk Punch; Lemon Strawberry Punch; Mexican Sunrise Punch; Orange Eggnog Punch; Peppermint Punch; Rum Cranberry Punch; Strawberry Margarita Punch; White Wine Punch and many more.


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