Kyoto Model
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Utgivelsesår 2005
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812775184
Sider 136
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Om Kyoto Model

This fascinating book focuses on Kyoto high-tech companies that have captured leading market share with globally preeminent technologies and yet have been able to maintain their robust profitability even under Japan's current prolonged recession.The book aims to uncover the secrets of success behind such companies as Kyocera Corp., Omron Corp., Murata Manufacturing Co., Rohm Co. and Horiba Ltd. and their management systems, generally termed 'the Kyoto Model'.The unique features of the model are detailed: the history and founding of these high-tech companies, their management attitude giving priority to corporate philosophies, their organizational management, the emphasis they put on R&D management and production technologies, their personnel management, and finally, their philanthropic activities.The Kyoto Model, with its high technology-oriented management system, is a useful case study and tool for Japan's R&D ventures.Contents: Introduction: Japanese and US Styles of Business ManagementThe Kyoto Model: Kyoto High-Tech Companies' Management SystemsWhy Were the High-Tech Companies Founded in Kyoto? — Naturally or Accidentally?Real Faces of Kyoto High-Tech Companies: History of Growth Since FoundingCorporate Philosophies Emphasized in ManagementUnique Organizational ManagementR&D and Production Control, Cost Control and Personnel Management SystemsPositive Social ContributionsReadership: Executives, managers, academicians and researchers in Asian management.


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