The meat machine

The meat machine



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Format Pocket
Utgivelsesår 2016
Forlag Alpha forl.
Språk Flerspråklig
ISBN 9788283350265
Sider 69

Om The meat machine

This poetry book is based on the idea of a society that is working like a machine that turns us, people, into products that have to fulfil their role in this machine. It focuses strongly on the dark side of human nature as well as ignorance, existential loneliness and anxiety. Divided into three parts: the grey part focusing on the criticism of society and religion among other things. The red part which has a much more personal tone, yet consists of several fictional stories. And the white part - a five part story about our relation to technology and how we use it as a form of escapism; the addiction to the constant stream of entertainment and information that keeps us from thinking about what is going on in our heads.


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