Journey of a Lightworker

Journey of a Lightworker
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Forlag Balboa Press AU
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781452527871
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Om Journey of a Lightworker

Amanda-Jean Deering was, by all accounts, a very ordinary child from an ordinary family. She loved math, reading, music, dance, science, and more, and her childlike curiosity knew no bounds. But little Amanda-Jean had a secret abilityone she didnt understand at fi rst. She saw and felt and sensed things about other people. She thought of herself as a chameleon, someone who could fi t in anywhere. For Amanda-Jean, the awareness of her ability to read others was just the fi rst step on her own path to understanding and mastery.Finding the foundations to all the basic subjects can be frustrating if one is unsure where to look. In response to her frustration, she decided to write the book she always wanted to read. Part memoir, part guidebook, and part resource work, Journey of a Lightworker was written to help everyone who seeks clarity. For beginning and progressive lightworkers, it offers a solid foundation to spiritual pathways. For teachers and mentors, this book is a functional teaching aid and manual. For students, it is a reference book and companion. For all, it is a reliable guide for their onward journey as spiritually evolving beings. Allow yourself to step through the realms of spiritual subjects from angels to soul contracts and become familiar with the spiritual pathways that exist at the basis of most spiritual beliefs. Journey of a Lightworker was written for you, no matter where you are on your journey of many pathways and beginnings.


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