200 Harley Street (Mills & Boon e-Book C

200 Harley Street (Mills & Boon e-Book C

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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre DRM
Filformat EPUB
Utgivelsesår 2014
Forlag Mills & Boon
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781472096685
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Om 200 Harley Street (Mills & Boon e-Book C

200 Harley Street Collection Eight dashing doctors for your bedside! 200 HARLEY STREET: SURGEON IN A TUX by Carol Marinelli Renowned plastic surgeon Leo Hunter has sacrificed everything to restore the Hunter Clinic to its former glory. Now this legendary playboy always has a glamorous woman on his arm. So why is he drawn to his new head nurse, Lizzie Birch? She's the first woman who is resistant to Leo's intoxicating charms! 200 HARLEY STREET: GIRL FROM THE RED CARPET by Scarlet Wilson Lexi Robbins is determined to throw off her daughter-of-a-celebrity image and make her own name as Head of PR. And if that means pestering gruff, super-sexy Scottish surgeon Iain MacKenzie till she gets his co-operation she'll do it! But getting too close to Iain is the last thing that she wants! 200 HARLEY STREET: THE PROUD ITALIAN by Alison Roberts Top-notch surgeons Rafael and Abbie de Luca were once the Hunter Clinic's 'dream- team'. But the joyous birth of their little daughter, Ella, brought devastating news that she was suffering from a life-threatening condition, and their idyllic life came crashing down. But can they rekindle their once burning passion? 200 HARLEY STREET: AMERICAN SURGEON IN LONDON by Lynne Marshall Mitchell Cooper had it all-a beautiful wife and daughter, and a glittering career in Hollywood as a sought-after plastic surgeon. But as his career soared his personal life collapsed. But after one sensational night with new colleague, Grace Turner, Mitchell finds himself daring to live again! 200 HARLEY STREET: THE SOLDIER PRINCE by Kate Hardy Injured war hero Prince Marco is desperate to be back in the field, fighting alongside his men. However, he finds he's in good hands with physical therapist Becca Anderson-the woman he once shared a magical forbidden summer with long ago...! 200 HARLEY STREET: THE ENIGMATIC SURGEON by Annie Claydon Edward North-child prodigy turned genius microsurgeon-has no idea how attractive women find him! Hours spent researching and saving lives leaves him little time for socialising. Until an adorable little boy wanders into his office, followed by his frantic mum, nurse Charlotte King, and they turn his world upside-down! 200 Harley Street: The Shameless Maverick by Louisa George Junior surgeon Kara Stephens has been assigned her first high-profile case to help an injured princess. Great news-if she wasn't working with hot- shot Irish surgeon Declan Underwood, the man she kissed at the hospital ball! Declan's notoriety with women is legendary! 200 HARLEY STREET: THE TORTURED HERO by Amy Andrews Running the clinic's charity operation has given surgeon and ex-soldier Ethan Hunter a new lease of life. His reconstructive work with the wounded helps block out his army traumas. But when he works alongside beautiful surgeon Olivia Fairchild-the woman whose heart he regretfully broke-he can't help but remember the passion they once shared...


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Mer fra Amy Andrews; Annie Claydon; Louisa George; Kate Hardy; Carol Marinelli; Lynne Marshall; Alison Roberts; Scarlet Wilson


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