Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis

Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis
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Format E-Bok
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Utgivelsesår 2004
Forlag Taylor and Francis
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781135447816
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Om Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis

Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis provides clinicians with a comprehensive cognitive model that can be applied to all patients with schizophrenia and related disorders in order to aid the development of a formulation that will incorporate all relevant factors. It illustrates the process of assessment, formulation and intervention and highlights potential difficulties arising from work with patients and how they can be overcome.Experienced clinicians write assuming no prior knowledge of the area, covering all of the topics of necessary importance including:* an introduction to cognitive theory and therapy* difficulties in engagement and the therapeutic relationship* how best to utilise homework with people who experience psychosis* relapse prevention and management. Illustrated by excerpts from therapy sessions, this book digests scientific evidence and theory but moreover provides clinicians with essential practical advice about how to best aid people with psychoses.


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