Sakhalin Island

Sakhalin Island

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Format Pocket
Utgivelsesår 2013
Forlag Alma Books Ltd
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781847492913
Sider 528

Om Sakhalin Island

'Sakhalin Island should be compulsory reading for all those who are anywhere and in any way involved with the so-called penal system.' Heinrich Boll 'Sakhalin Island shows off the breadth of Chekhov's reading as well as the depth of his fieldwork - This is a much needed new annotated translation.' The Independent 'As a work of literature, Sakhalin Island is a masterpiece of restrained, dignified, unsentimental prose... a work of complete seriousness, full of clear, humane, practical suggestions for reform.' The Observer 'Mr Reeve's work reminds one that Chekhov was as great a master of the documentary genre - and also of the best academic prose - as of drama and narrative fiction - Sakhalin Island will never eclipse The Cherry Orchard. But it is every bit as impressive a masterpiece, and this new version will surely make its merits more widely known.' Times Literary Supplement 'Sakhalin Island is the work of a sensible and sympathetic recorder of the facts, and Mr Reeve has done us a favour in his handsome and useful edition.' Stephen Tumm, Former HM Chief Inspector of Prisons


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