Fractional Statistics and Quantum Theory

Fractional Statistics and Quantum Theory
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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 1998
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789814503907
Sider 324
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Om Fractional Statistics and Quantum Theory

This book explains the subtleties of quantum statistical mechanics in lower dimensions and their possible ramifications in quantum theory. The discussion is at a pedagogical level and is addressed to both graduate students and advanced research workers with a reasonable background in quantum and statistical mechanics. The main emphasis will be on explaining new concepts.Topics in the first part of the book includes the flux tube model of anyons, the braid group and quantum and statistical mechanics of noninteracting anyon gas.The second part of the book provides a detailed discussion about fractional statistics from the point of view of Chern-Simons theories. Topics covered here includes Chern-Simons field theories, charged vortices, anyon superconductivity and the fractional quantum Hall effect.A chapter will also be devoted to the recent topic of fractional exclusion statistics and the concepts will be illustrated with the example of the Calogero-Sutherland model.Contents: Fractional Statistics in Two DimensionsQuantum Mechanics of AnyonsStatistical Mechanics of an Ideal Anyon GasFractional Exclusion StatisticsIntroduction to Chern-Simons TermSoliton as Anyon in Field TheoriesAnyons as Elementary Field QuantaAnyon SuperconductivityQuantum Hall Effect and AnyonsOmitted TopicsReadership: Condensed matter physicists, mathematical physicists and materials scientists.Key Features:In-depth discussion on policies introduced by China's new leaders up to the second half of 2005Focus on issues that have aroused great attention, including increasing inequalities, land appropriation, social unrest, health care, the state of financial system, leadership succession, political reform, and China's relations with Southeast AsiaOver a dozen of chapters on individual aspects of China showing a comprehensive and rich picture of a fast-growing and changing ChinaWell-researched work by scholars who have been studying specific issues on China or Asia for years, including known scholars Joseph Fewsmith, K C Fung, Li Cheng, Zhao Quansheng, and Zheng YongnianContributions from China scholars from different disciplinesRegional background of authors (Singapore, the US, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China) a diverse yet balanced view of China


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