Stochastic Methods in Hydrology

Stochastic Methods in Hydrology
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Utgivelsesår 1998
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812839725
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Om Stochastic Methods in Hydrology

This book communicates some contemporary mathematical and statistical developments in river basin hydrology as they pertain to space-time rainfall, spatial landform and network structures and their role in understanding averages and fluctuations in the hydrologic water balance of river basins. While many of the mathematical and statistical nations have quite classical mathematical roots, the river basin data structure has led to many variations on the problems and theory.Contents:Stochastic Spatial-Temporal Models for Rain (D R Cox & V Isham)On Scaling Theories of Space-Time Rainfall: Some Recent Results and Open Problems (E Foufoula-Georgiou)Modeling of Drop Size Distribution and Its Applications to Rainfall Measurements from Radar (J M Porrà et al. )Spatial Channel Network Models in Hydrology (B M Troutman & M R Karlinger)Some Mathematical Aspects of Rainfall, Land-Forms, and Floods (V K Gupta & E C Waymire)Efficient Extraction of River Networks and Hydrologic Measurements from Digital Elevation Data (S D Peckham)Readership: Statisticians.Key Features:One of the first comprehensive handbooks which combines business and information systems to capture and integrate operations, information technology, people and businessBrings together interdisciplinary new knowledge from the health care industry and computer science for information systemizationExplores for the first time, information and logistical management for operational optimizationIncludes the latest advances in health care information systems, business process information systems, industrial management systems and evaluation of business information systems


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