Properties and Applications of Complex I

Properties and Applications of Complex I
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Om Properties and Applications of Complex I

Complex metal alloys (CMAs) comprise a huge group of largely unknown alloys and compounds, where many phases are formed with crystal structures based on giant unit cells containing atom clusters, ranging from tens of to more than thousand atoms per unit cell. In these phases, for many phenomena, the physical length scales are substantially smaller than the unit-cell dimension. Hence, these materials offer unique combinations of properties which are mutually exclusive in conventional materials, such as metallic electric conductivity combined with low thermal conductivity, good light absorption with high-temperature stability, high metallic hardness with reduced wetting by liquids, etc.This book is the second of a series of books issued yearly as a deliverable to the European Community of the School established within the European Network of Excellence CMA. Written by reputed experts in the fields of metal physics, surface physics, surface chemistry, metallurgy, and process engineering, this book brings together expertise found inside as well as outside the network to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of knowledge in CMAs. Contents:Metallic, Complex and So Different (J-M Dubois)Solution Growth of Intermetallic Single Crystals: A Beginner's Guide (P Canfield)Thermal Conductivity of Complex Metallic Alloys (A Smontara et al.)Thermoelectric Materials (S Pashen)Magnetism of Complex Metallic Alloys: Crystalline Electric Field Effects (E Bauer & M Rotter)Electronic Structure of Quasicrystal-Related Compounds Investigated by Ultra-High Resolution Photoemission Spectroscopy (R Tamura)First-Principles Calculations and Applications for Materials Design (R Asahi)Simulating Structure and Physical Properties of Complex Metallic Alloys (H-R Trebin et al.)Science and Technology of Hydrogen (A Züttel & L Schlapbach)Hydrogen Storage Materials — Recent Development and Future Strategy of Japan (E Akiba)Hydrogen Storage Research and Development in Korea (J W Kim et al.)Discovering and Designing Bulk Metallic Glasses (S Ranganathan et al.)Readership: Advanced undergraduate and graduate students in physics, chemistry and materials science; researchers and engineers with new options and opportunities in materials selection for innovative technical solutions.


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