OCR Ancient History GCSE Component 1
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2017
Forlag Bloomsbury Publishing
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781350015173
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Om OCR Ancient History GCSE Component 1

This textbook is endorsed by OCR and supports the specification for GCSE Ancient History (first teaching September 2017). It covers the whole of Component 1, both the compulsory Period Study and the three optional Depth Studies:Period Study: The Persian Empire, 559 465 BC by James RenshawDepth Study: From Tyranny to Democracy, 546 483 BC by Sam BaddeleyDepth Study: Athens in the Age of Pericles, 462 429 BC by Paul Fowler and James Renshaw Depth Study: Alexander the Great, 356 323 BC by Lucy NicholasWas propaganda Persia's greatest weapon? How did Athens create democracy? Does Pericles' Athens deserve to be remembered as civilised or barbaric? How did Alexander dominate the ancient world by the age of 32?This book raises these and other key questions. GCSE students and their teachers will explore key political and social developments of the Greek and Persian worlds through the eyes of ancient historians and archaeology. This book invites us to look at ancient societies in a new light and helps explain the development of the modern world.The ideal preparation for the final examinations, all content is presented by experts and experienced teachers in a clear and accessible narrative. Ancient literary and visual sources are described and analysed, with supporting images. Helpful student features include study questions, further reading, and boxes focusing in on key people, events and terms. Practice questions and exam guidance prepare students for assessment.A Companion Website is available at www.bloomsbury. com/anc-hist-gcse.


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Mer fra Baddeley Sam Baddeley; Fowler Paul Fowler; Nicholas Lucy Nicholas; Renshaw James Renshaw

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