Cancer Survivor's Almanac

Cancer Survivor's Almanac

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Format E-Bok
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2008
Forlag Turner Publishing Company
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9780470352922
Sider 384
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Om Cancer Survivor's Almanac

"I'm thrilled that this book is available to cancer survivors. I only wish I'd had a copy 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer."-Jill Eikenberry, actor and breast cancer advocate"A valuable resource for survivors."-Peari Moore, RN, MN, FAAN, Executive Director, Oncology Nursing Society"A Cancer Survivor's Almanac is a clearly written, sensitive, and sensible guide to surviving with cancer. This almanac can help you more comfortably and knowledgeably take charge of your life with cancer."-David Spiegel, MD, Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine, and author, Living Beyond Limits (Ballantine, 1994)"This indispensible quide provides helpful information and much-needed support that will improve the quality of life for cancer survivors."-Richard Klausner, MD, Director, National Cancer Institute" From the time of its discovery and for the balance of life, an individual diagnosed with cancer is a survivor."-National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship CharterA Cancer Survivor's Almanac: Charting Your Journey serves as a guide to help survivors, caregivers, families, and friends chart a survivorship journey. Written by the survivors and professionals who founded the cancer survivorship movement, A Cancer Survivor's Almanac provides essential up-to-date, practical information on: The latest information in medical diagnosis, treatment, pain control, and long-term and late effects of cancer treatmentHealth insurance - how to find and keep it under the most current laws (including the federal health reform law which takes effect in 1997)Tips on how to find and work with the best doctors and hospitalsUnderstanding the risks and benefits of unconventional treatmentsHow to win the battle against job discriminationClear answers to legal and financial questionsHow to cope with the personal and social impact of cancerCommunicating with family and friends, including dealing with grief and lossThe benefits of peer support, with tips on starting your own peer-support networkAdvocating for yourself and othersIn addition, an expanded Resource Section lists hundreds of organizations and agencies that offer help regarding specific cancer-related issues and explains how to find cancer information through the Internet. Cancer survivors and their caregivers, families, and friends share their greatest gifts to today's survivors- the power of knowledge. No cancer journey is easy. This book, however, provides the information, understanding, support, and resources to help dispel the myths and improve the quality of life with, through, and beyond cancer. All royalties from the sales of this book benefit the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.


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