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Through the light barrier

Through the light barrier

the letter to Eros

a cosmogram



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Format Innbundet
Utgivelsesår 2016
Forlag Pensa
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9788293553069
Sider 144
Originaltittel Gjennom lysmuren
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Om Through the light barrier

This book is Nature's revolutionary reaction to Humanity's unintelligent threat to Life on Earth. Pressed to intelligent self- defense, Nature now reveals new information with the potential to revolutionize Science and Religion, and uncovers and unlocks a Logic-trap in which Human Thinking for long has been imperceptibly caught. The Human culture is founded on two nature-opposing ideas: Science's mechanistic World-view and Religion's patriarchal God-image. These mutually supporting false ideas have developed into a Life-threatening and Woman-despising World-culture, driving Humanity towards a self-destructive collision with the Nature it is a part of. The book reveals how and why this Logic-problem has evolved, and presents the knowledge which may provide its solution. .Through the Light Barrier" is the result of an extraordinary communication between a rejected part of Nature and a receptive human consciousness. It is re-educational information adapted for today's human mind, transferring the intelligence- transforming knowledge we need to free ourselves from our entrapped ignorance. The book reveals Humanity's spiritual development as a crucial part of The Evolution, and provides the spiritual nourishment we need to take the self-rescuing step ahead.

.An inspired work This is literally an incomparable book, for none comparable has ever been published in this country. (.) In terms both actual and formal, we have before us an inspired writing. (.)It displays a penetrating poetic nerve and pictorial power which at times evokes associations to the Book of Revelations and to Dante.s Divine Comedy.. Professor Georg Hygen, (from his foreword in the first Norwegian edition). .A fantastic book The contents of this book have a depth and dimension impossible to render full justice to in a book review. Even after having read it three times, one has not absorbed it all.. Birger Nesholen, Hamar Arbeiderblad (Norwegian newspaper) .Historical significance Occasionally, a book pops up which has the potential to gain historical significance. Through the Light-Barrier by Bente Müller is such a book. The book launches a surprising opportunity to build the promised bridge between true Spirituality and Science.. Marianne Skaret, Engineer of Chemistry .The Law.s newly written tablets It isn.t every day a pretty woman strolls into a publishing house with the Law.s newly written tablets.. Sissel Lange-Nielsen, Aftenposten (leading Norwegian newspaper). .Never forget this! For many reasons, it is this year.s most remarkable book. For even more reasons, most will understand it only partially. And for the vast majority of reasons . reasons that deserve the least attention . it will be, for now, rejected. Precisely for this reason, it should not be forgotten.. Elling Tjønneland, Telen (Norwegian newspaper)


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