Five Basic Principles of Production and

Five Basic Principles of Production and
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Utgivelsesår 2009
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ISBN 9781453517970
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Om Five Basic Principles of Production and

The basics of industrial and supply-chain excellence in less than 200 pages ! This book for self-learning offers a step-by-step presentation of the best practices of modern manufacturing and logistic management, which have been moving beneath the surface, like tectonic plates, over the last few years. Thanks to their proven operational effectiveness, they have emerged as an interlocking group of five basics: - Voice of the Customer for innovation and development - production activities with and without added value - postponement or mass customization and modular thinking - dependent and independent customer demand - the two levels of the supply chain: strategic and operationalThe integration of these best practices gives Lean Supply Chain Management, which can help any company maximize its added value and the productivity of its people to innovate and to better serve the customer. Based on the authors long experience as a practitioner, educator, consultant and implementor, this book is an ideal learning tool. It contains several levels of text (summaries, examples, detailed explanations, questionnaires for measuring current practice) to facilitate the acquisition of these key concepts and practices by any individual or company


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