Good the Bad and the Dead

Good the Bad and the Dead
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2007
Forlag Trafford Publishing
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781466956117
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Om Good the Bad and the Dead

With only a few days left at the Police Academy Jake Newton thought the hard slog was all but over. He soon discovered that being a Copper in Australia's largest city was definitely no walk in the park. Not only was the work rugged, he had to contend with the partying and that was even harder! How was he expected to juggle that as well as put the moves on the little glamour he'd just met? Newton would soon cross paths with 'The Company' and the notorious Mr. Deep. Just what was it about Deep that frightened so many others?And how did the illegal Casino figure into all this? Was there a connection between Deep, the Casino and the Drug manufacturing warehouses? And why were there so many suicides at The Gap lately?Oh yes... for young Newton the worst was yet to come... The main Police character somehow finds the time to impress and hook up with a glamorous female singer. The singer innocently introduces him to the mysterious 'Mr. Deep' not knowing he is a major player in 'The Company'. Her companion, whilst rubbing shoulders with members of the so called 'high society' makes an interesting discovery when observing several of the organized crime figures he's already looking into are at the very same party. The book explores how the young police and syndicate members inevitably cross paths. 'The Boys' decide to take on some investigating in their own time. The players soon discover that they are being watched and subsequently take action by ensuring somebody disappears. This only heightens the eagerness of the other young Police to expose what is really going on in Sydney. Their surveillance operations escalate and culminate in a confrontation between 'The Good' and 'The Bad'. From organized murderous hits to alleged suicides... from major drug deals to Drag Queens and Bank accountants... corruption goes all the way to the top... there's blackmail... an Illegal Casino.. . and a variety of stand-over tactics... and all in a day's work. From top class restaurants to Hotel Counter meals... from alcohol binge sessions to late night strip clubs and wishful sexual confrontations... there's even a Gay Night Club... and the young police are exposed to the lot in their quest to identify those individuals responsible...


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