Fuzzy And Uncertain Object-Oriented Data

Fuzzy And Uncertain Object-Oriented Data
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Utgivelsesår 1997
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812839770
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Om Fuzzy And Uncertain Object-Oriented Data

Enriching database models so as to allow the user to deal with fuzzy and uncertain information has been of scientists' concern for years. This resulted in numerous contributions, mainly with respect to the popular relational model or to some related form of it. The experience was instructive, although still far from concrete applications.The time has come that the advantages of object- oriented databases are acknowledged outside the research and academic worlds and a breakthrough of new commercial softwares is observed. Lately research has been devoted to the endowment of this type of databases with more real-world reflecting semantics. It proved that the object-oriented paradigm lends itself extremely well to it. This is very promising and opens new perspectives for the availability of new-generation database products in the near future.The book presents the latest research results in dealing with fuzziness and uncertainty in object-oriented databases.Contents:Foreword (R Yager)Preface (R de Caluwe)Basic Notions and Rationale of the Integration of Uncertainty Management and Object-Oriented Databases (R de Caluwe et al.)A Hierarchical Model of Fuzzy Classes (J-P Rossazza et al.)Modelling Impreciseness and Uncertainty in the Object-Oriented Data Model — A Similarity- Based Approach (R George et al.)Extending a Graph-Based Data Model to Manage Fuzzy and Uncertain Information (G Bordogna et al.)The UFO Database Model: Dealing with Imperfect Information (N van Gyseghem & R de Caluwe)Fuzzy Object-Oriented Data Model and Fuzzy Association Algebra (S Na & S Park)Readership: Researchers and engineers interested in databases and software engineering/programming.Key Features:It is the first book about THz Identification for Military and Special purposes — the key areas in which this new technology is the most promisingThe book helps understand the advantages and disadvantages of THz technology vs. existing identification methodsIt may serve as a textbook for the individuals willing to get acquainted with THz technology


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