Frontiers of Computational Fluid Dynamic

Frontiers of Computational Fluid Dynamic
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Førpris 2609,- Spar 522,-
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Utgivelsesår 2001
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812810793
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Om Frontiers of Computational Fluid Dynamic

This series of volumes on the “Frontiers of Computational Fluid Dynamics” was introduced to honor contributors who have made a major impact on the field. The first volume was published in 1994 and was dedicated to Prof Antony Jameson; the second was published in 1998 and was dedicated to Prof Earl Murman. The volume is dedicated to Prof Robert MacCormack.The twenty-six chapters in the current volume have been written by leading researchers from academia, government laboratories, and industry. They present up-to-date descriptions of recent developments in techniques for numerical analysis of fluid flow problems, and applications of these techniques to important problems in industry, as well as the classic paper that introduced the “ MacCormack scheme” to the world.Contents:The Effect of Viscosity in Hypervelocity Impact Cratering (R W MacCormack)The MacCormack Method — Historical Perspective (C M Hung et al.)Numerical Solutions of Cauchy-Riemann Equations for Two and Three Dimensional Flows (M M Hafez & J Houseman)Extension of Efficient Low Dissipation High Order Schemes for 3-D Curvilinear Moving Grids (M Vinokur & H C Yee)Scalable Parallel Implicit Multigrid Solution of Unsteady Incompressible Flows (R Pankajakshan et al.)Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Incompressible Flows (N Satofuka & M Ishikura)Numerical Simulation of MHD Effects on Hypersonic Flow of a Weakly Ionized Gas in an Inlet (R K Agarwal & P Deb)Development of 3D DRAGON Grid Method for Complex Geometry (M-S Liou & Y Zheng)Advances in Algorithms for Computing Aerodynamic Flows (D W Zingg et al.)Selected CFD Capabilities at DLR (W Kordulla)CFD Applications to Space Transportation Systems (K Fujii)Information Science — A New Frontier of CFD (K Oshima & Y Oshima)Integration of CFD into Aerodynamics Education (E M Murman & A Rizzi)and other papersReadership: Researchers and graduate students in numerical and computational mathematics.Key Features:This book shows how at each level, differing physics concepts and mathematical tools may be used to model and understand information transfer and its processing


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