Quantum Aspects of Beam Physics

Quantum Aspects of Beam Physics
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Utgivelsesår 2002
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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Om Quantum Aspects of Beam Physics

This proceedings volume records the advances in quantum beam physics since the first meeting in Monterey (1998). In addition to further progress regarding quantum effects in beam dynamics, photon–electron interaction in beam handling, beam phenomena under strong fields, and quantum methodologies in beam physics, the newly introduced topics — the physics of condensed beams as well as astro-beam physics and laboratory astrophysics — have also been well documented by world experts in the field. This book should be a valuable reference to those who are interested in the joint frontiers of beam physics and other fields such as astrophysics and condensed matter physics.Contents:Quantum Fluctuations in Beam Dynamics:Quantum Equation of Electron Motion (K- J Kim)Possible Quantum Mechanical Effects on Beam Echos (A Chao & B Nash)Photon–Electron Interaction in Beam Production, Cooling, Monitoring:Coherent Atom Optics with Bose–Einstein Condensates (K Bongs et al.)The Role of Quantum Mechanics in Neutrino Factories (J C Gallardo et al.)Beam Phenomena Under Strong EM Fields — Astro–Beam Physics and Laboratory Astrophysics:Relativistic Jets in Microquasars (F Mirabel)Is There Emmitted Radiation in the Unruh Effect? (B L Hu & A Raval) Quantum Methodologies in Beam Physics:Supersymmetry and Beam Dynamics (J D Bjorken & P Chen)Quantum Mechanical Formalism of Particle Beam Optics (S A Khan)and other papersReadership: Beam physicists as well as high energy, nuclear, atomic, astro and condensed matter physicists.Key Features:Toolbox in MatlabBrief overview of existing methodsDeveloping a new unifying bandwidth selection method


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