Image Understanding in Unstructured Envi

Image Understanding in Unstructured Envi
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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 1988
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812812391
Sider 216
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Om Image Understanding in Unstructured Envi

In the development of autonomous sensory controlled systems, image understanding of sensory data is a difficult but important topic. Due to the unpredictable and uncertain nature of the environment, current image processing and computer vision approaches are not adequate to provide the capabilities needed by the systems. Thus, new approaches are required in the overall system design, including sophisticated reasoning processes, uncertainty management and adaptable architectures. This general issue is addressed by Thomas M Strat and Grahame B Smith. Lashon B Booker discusses the Bayesian approach in plausible reasoning for classification of complex ship images based on incomplete and uncertain evidence. Dynamic scene analysis is treated by Seetharaman Gunasekaran and Tzay Y Young. A spherical perspective approach is introduced to overcome some limitations of the current vision systems by Michael Penna and Su-shing Chen. Finally, Markov image models and their pixel-level approaches are extended to global approaches, through Dempster-Shafer and other techniques, by Mingchuan Zhang and Su-shing Chen.Contents:A Knowlege-Based Information Manager for Autonomous Vehicles (T Strat & G Smith)Plausible Reasoning in Classification Problem Solving (L Booker)A Region Correspondence Approach to the Recovery of 3-Dimensional Motion and Structure in Dynamic Scenes (S Gunasekaran & T Y Young) Spherical Analysis in Computer Vision and Image Understanding (M Penna & S-S Chen)Spatial Information Processing: Understanding Remote Sensing Images (M-C Zhang & S-S Chen)Readership: Computer scientists, control engineers and others.Key Features:A concise handbook focusing on pediatric surgical care. It also covers a broad range of topicsIt provides quick reference algorithms in management care issuesThe knowledge level of the handbook is focused at post-graduates, surgical residents, pediatric residents or faculty and physician-extenders specializing in pediatric surgical care


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