Nonlinear Dynamics in Human Behavior

Nonlinear Dynamics in Human Behavior
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Utgivelsesår 1996
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Om Nonlinear Dynamics in Human Behavior

This book represents a selection of papers presented at the Fourth Annual Conference of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences, held at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, June 24–27, 1995. The book reflects the Society as a whole, consisting of applications of nonlinear methodology in psychophysics, neurophysiology, business and social science as well as applications of the nonlinear paradigm to issues arising in psychotherapy and the study of creativity. Unique are contributions on the use of Boolean networks in the study of psychosis and quality of life. Review articles on the appropriate use of time series methods in psychology and psychophysics provide a valuable reference.Contents:Foreward (K Pribram)Introduction (W Sulis)Prelude: TIGoRS and Neural Codes (W Sulis)Empirical Studies:Appropriate Algorithms for Nonlinear Time Series Analysis in Psychology (C Scheier & W Tschacher)Looking for Chaos in Time Series Data (T L Johnson & K J Dooley)Chaos in Psychophysics? Hypothesis Testing and Nonlinear Forecasting Approaches (L M Ward)Inter- and Intra- Trial Dynamics in Memory and Choice (K Clayton & B Frey)Approaches to the Nonlinear Dynamics of Reflexive Eye Movements (M Shelhamer)Identification of Chaotic Behavior in Warfare (T Tagarev & D Nicholls)Fractal Structure in Business Cycle Durations (A Abderrezak)Theoretical Studies:Causality and Emergence in Chaos and Complexity Theories (J Goldstein)Chaos and the Double Function of Communication (P S Aula)The Application of Topological Models to Social System Dynamics (H R Erwin)Clinical Studies:Love is a Strange Attractor: Therapy at the Edge of Chaos (A Parry)The Self Organizing Psyche: Nonlinear and Neurobiological Contributions to Psychoanalysis (A H Stein)Quality of Life — A Dynamic Perspective (P Lemay et al.)Logical Attractors: A Boolean Approach to the Dynamics of Psychosis (Z Kupper & H Hoffmann)Applications to Creativity:Chaos Theory, Scientific Revolutions and Creativity in Learning (R E Kahn)The Creative Chaos: Speculations on the Connection between Nonlinear Dynamics and the Creative Process (T Zausner)The Iconography of Chaos in a Renaissance Painting (T Zausner)The Dynamics of Creativity and the Courage to be (F D Abraham)Coda:Consciousness: Chaotic and Strangely Attractive (A Combs)Readership: Social scientists, psychologists, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists.Key Features: Innovative, Various optoisolation circuits models, unique treatment of optoisolation circuits analysis (Bifurcation, Fixed points, Chaos, etc.,), Optoisolation circuit structure which are not common in engineering systems, and can give better performance and results


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