Reforming Social Security: For Ourselves

Reforming Social Security: For Ourselves
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Utgivelsesår 2000
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9780313000348
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Om Reforming Social Security: For Ourselves

Blahous contends that Social Security is ill-equipped to withstand the effects of an aging population and will impose excessive tax burdens upon future Americans unless its course is changed. Far from a doomsday tract, however, the book provides instances of proposals that would satisfactorily avert this course, if only the political will is mustered to implement them. Blahous argues for the program developed by the National Commission on Retirement Policy, but also offers positive descriptions of plausible alternatives as well as unsparing criticism of those who would cook the books in defense of either current law or high-cost alternatives. Reforming Social Security is sure to disturb ideologues from all parts of the political spectrum, because of its frank willingness to expose the costs of different approaches as well as the self-interest so often pursued by interest groups, political actors, and Social Security experts. An important analysis for the general public as well as policy makers and others concerned with social security issues.


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