Selected Papers (1945aAA

Selected Papers (1945aAA"1980) of

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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2005
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812703354
Sider 624
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Om Selected Papers (1945aAA"1980) of

A remarkable personal and professional chronicle by one of today's leading physicists, this is a collection of Chen Ning Yang's personally selected papers supplemented by his insightful commentaries. Including previously unpublished or hard-to- find works, this volume contains Yang's important papers on statistical physics, nuclear forces, and particle physics. Among them are his seminal work with T D Lee on the nonconservation of parity, for which they won the Nobel Prize, and his work with R L Mills, which led to modern gauge theories with their exciting prospects for the broad unification of field theories.The commentaries were written especially for this volume and provide a fascinating account of Yang's development as a physicist as well as a look at many important physicists of the 20th century. They trace the development of Yang's interests and ideas from his graduate school days to the present, showing how he worked with his colleagues and how their physics came into being. Together, the papers and commentaries in this unique collection comprise a powerful personal statement, shedding light on both the intellectual development of a great physicist and on the nature of scientific inquiry.Contents:A Generalization of the Quasi- Chemical Method in the Statistical Theory of Superlattices (C N Yang)Interaction of Mesons with Nucleons and light Particles (T D Lee et al.)The S-Matrix in the Heisenberg Representation (C N Yang & D Feldman)Polarization of Nucleons Elastically Scattered from Nuclei (G A Snow et al.)Isotopic Spin Conservation and a Generalized Gauge Invariance (C N Yang & R Mills) Quantum Mechanical Many-Body Problem and the Low Temperature Properties of a Bose System of Hard Spheres (K Huang et al.) Theoretical Considerations Concerning Quantized Magnetic Flux in Superconducting Cylinders (N Byers & C N Yang)The Future of Physics (C N Yang)Some Speculations Concerning High-Energy Large Momentum Transfer Processes (T T Wu & C N Yang)Hypothesis of Limiting Fragmentation in High-Energy Collisions (J Benecke et al.); and other articlesReadership: Graduate students and researchers in particle physics and statistical physics.


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