Computational Studies of the Most Freque

Computational Studies of the Most Freque
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Utgivelsesår 1986
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789814415408
Sider 352
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Om Computational Studies of the Most Freque

Following the rapid growth of powerful computer hardware and sophisticated software, Chinese computing and data processing has become a very exciting field. This book presents 6,321 of the most commonly used Chinese words in two orderings: one in descending frequency, and the other in phonetic groups according to Suen's new phonetic system. Extracted from a corpus of over forty thousand Chinese words, these most frequently used words cover 90% of almost one million word samples selected from various sources like popular newspapers, novels and various reading materials.The data presented in this book are of the most fundamental importance in the design and construction of word processors and computers for processing Chinese text and data, investigation of lexicographical and phonological matters. Linguists, computer scientists, psychologists, students, teachers, and specialists of the Chinese language, as well as sinologists and scholars in computational studies of Chinese words and sounds should find this book very informative and interesting.Contents:Data and AccessPhonetic Systems and Romanization of Mandarin. References — Corpus of 6.321 Chinese Words in Descending Order of FrequencyCorpus of 6,321 Chinese Words in Phonetic OrderAppendices: Sample of Phonetic DataList of Exception CharactersA FORTRAN Program which Extracts the Character MatricesReadership: Computer scientists and linguists.Key Features: The foremost international conference on Coastal Engineering Includes contributions from leading researchers across a broad range of topics Documents the latest advances in Coastal Engineering


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