Ancestor Christology

Ancestor Christology
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Om Ancestor Christology

The study of the application of the title ancestor to Christ permits the author to delveinto the Christological reflection in Africa today through one of the principal ways. Atplay here is the inculturation of the faith, which cannot be fully achieved without a processof theological assimilation of the fundamental parameters in the African life. The thesis,therefore, is not only limited to a mere description of the contemporary panorama inthat respect, but attempts to offer a theological evaluation of the real expressive capacityof the title, as it has been proposed. The criterion used is therefore double: In the firstplace, the thesis tried to show that the human and the divine natures of Jesus Christcan be maintained in such a way that there is no rupture with the great tradition of theChristological councils. In the second place, if it is capable of responding to demandsof Christology from above and from below. In all this, however, the horizon of thedebate is not occidental exegetical investigation well known by the author; but from thetheological ambient of sub-Saharan world. The conclusion is positive, pondering the termsinvolved. The work can be of great use in the christoogical endeavors of contemporaryAfrica, as well for those who desire to delve into it.Don Alfonso Carrasco Rouco(director of the thesis and now Bishop of the Diocese of Lugo Spain)The work of Don Cletus Chukwuemeka contains a clear description of what we may callAfrican traditional religiosity as well as the theological efforts to inject Christianity intothis cultural and religious tradition. The central point of these efforts revolves around theunderstanding of Christ. The most original aspect of this work is in the critical recourseto the figure of the ancestor or proto-ancestor to present the identity of Christ in a waythat is faithful to the Church tradition, and at the same time, significant for the religiousand cultural tradition of Africa.Dr. Don Gerardo del Pozo Abejn(Censor of the thesis)


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