All the Dead Yale Men

All the Dead Yale Men
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Utgivelsesår 2013
Forlag Counterpoint
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781619022195
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Om All the Dead Yale Men

Originally published in 1982 to wide acclaim, The Good Son remains Craig Novas undisputed masterpiece. This classic explored the complicated entanglements of fathers and sons expressed in the story of nouvue-riche father Pop Mackinnon, who used his wealth to manipulate his son Chip into the right kind of marriage upon the young mans return from World War II.Chip eventually gave up the love of his life and married to secure his future and what were the consequences of that decision? All the Dead Yale Men answers that question in telling the story of Frank Mackinnon, son of Chip, a prosecutor in Boston with a happy marriage and a daughter set to follow his footsteps into law school. Chips death throws Frank into his familys legacy, where he must contend with the inheritance of the Mackinnons beloved land and a bevy of secrets that dates back three generations. And when Franks daughter Pia falls under the sway of local bad boy Aurlon Miller, his grief over his fathers death triggers the family legacy of social standing and manipulation to begin anew, leading Frank to the darkest edges of what a father will do to protect the ones he loves.All the Dead Yale Men examines the end of an era, how privilege and inheritance often crumble in the face of the modern world, a story enriched by the setting and mythology of Boston and its surroundings. The novel not only moves the Mackinnons story forward but will recast historical elements of the classic novel as well, heralding the arrival of a new American classic.


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