Cereal Production

Cereal Production
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Utgivelsesår 2013
Forlag Elsevier Science
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ISBN 9781483164298
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Om Cereal Production

Cereal Production documents the proceedings of the Second International Summer School in Agriculture held by the Royal Dublin Society in July 1982.This book relates individual disciplines to the central concept in cereal production, which is the optimization of yield and quality and maximization of net return. This compilation also emphasizes the ultimate aim of cereal enterprises-the economic production of grain of acceptable quality that can be traded internationally to the benefit of the people of all nations. The topics include the breeding approaches for increasing cereal crop yields, assessment of barley quality, and functional aspects of cereal structure. The soil categorization for cereal production and wheat production systems in arid and semi- arid regions are likewise deliberated.This publication is intended for cereal scientists and researchers aiming to acquire knowledge of cereal production.


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