Memory System of the Brain

Memory System of the Brain
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Utgivelsesår 1994
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Om Memory System of the Brain

The purpose of this book is to describe the memory system of the brain, taking into account all the levels of neural organization: molecule, cell, small network, and anatomical circuit. This synthetic approach is necessary for determining the real mechanisms among the potential ones, that is the neural bases of learning and memory in intact organisms functioning under normal conditions. For this purpose, data from molecular, cellular and behavioral neurobiology, neuropsychology, animal and human psychology, and neural modellization are comprehensively reviewed by leading specialists and brought together in an original synthesis.Contents: Introduction: The Memory System of the Brain (J Delacour)Physiological Integration of the Declarative Memory System (E Halgren) Context Effects in Learning and Memory: Human and Animal Perspectives (T Archer & L-G Nilsson)Hippocampal Function and Relational Processing (E A Phelps et al.)Amnesia Following Limited Thalamic Lesions (M Rousseaux)Molecular Devices in Neuronal Learning Machines (Y Dudai)Central Cholinergic Systems, Learning and Memory (R Jaffard & J Micheau)Long-Term Potentiation and Depression in Visual Cortex: Functional Significance and Molecular Basis (T Tsumoto)Mechanisms of Hippocampal Long-Term Potentiation (L L Voronin)Learning-Induced Receptive Field Plasticity in the Auditory Cortex: Specificity of Information Storage (N M Weinberger et al.)Hemispheric Distribution of Memory Traces (R W Doty & J L Ringo)A Mosaic-Cycle Approach to Neural Computation (P Ruján)and other papersReadership: Neurobiologists, neurologists, psychologists, researchers in medicine and artificial intelligence.Key Features:Comprehensive update of the classical book by Sidney RednerApplications to wide-ranging and active fields of researchWell-known authors in the field


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