Frustrated Spin Systems

Frustrated Spin Systems
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Utgivelsesår 2005
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812567819
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Om Frustrated Spin Systems

Frustrated spin systems have been first investigated five decades ago. Well-known examples include the Ising model on the antiferromagnetic triangular lattice studied by G H Wannier in 1950 and the Heisenberg helical structure discovered independently by A Yoshimori, J Villain and T A Kaplan in 1959. However, many properties of frustrated systems are still not well understood at present. Recent studies reveal that established theories, numerical simulations as well as experimental techniques have encountered many difficulties in dealing with frustrated systems. This volume highlights the latest theoretical, numerical and experimental developments in the field.The book is intended for post-graduate students as well as researchers in statistical physics, magnetism, materials science and various domains where real systems can be described with the spin language. Explicit demonstrations of formulae and full arguments leading to important results are given.Contents:Frustration — Exactly Solved Frustrated Models (H T Diep & H Giacomini)Properties and Phase Transitions in Frustrated Ising Spin Systems (O Nagai et al.)Renormalization Group Approaches to Frustrated Magnets in D = 3 (B Delamotte et al.)Phase Transitions in Frustrated Vector Spin Systems: Numerical Studies (D Loison)Two-Dimensional Quantum Antiferromagnets (G Misguich & C Lhuillier)One-Dimensional Spin Liquids (P Lecheminant)Spin Ice (S T Bramwell et al.)Experimental Studies of Frustrated Pyrochlore Antiferromagnets (B D Gaulin & J S Gardner)Recent Progress in Spin Glasses (N Kawashima & H Rieger)Readership: Postgraduates and researchers in condensed matter physics, statistical physics, theoretical physics and materials science.


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