Many-Body Problem

Many-Body Problem
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Utgivelsesår 1993
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812796523
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Om Many-Body Problem

This book differs from its predecessor, Lieb & Mattis Mathematical Physics in One Dimension, in a number of important ways. Classic discoveries which once had to be omitted owing to lack of space — such as the seminal paper by Fermi, Pasta and Ulam on lack of ergodicity of the linear chain, or Bethe's original paper on the Bethe ansatz — can now be incorporated. Many applications which did not even exist in 1966 (some of which were originally spawned by the publication of Lieb & Mattis) are newly included. Among these, this new book contains critical surveys of a number of important developments: the exact solution of the Hubbard model, the concept of spinons, the Haldane gap in magnetic spin-one chains, bosonization and fermionization, solitions and the approach to thermodynamic equilibrium, quantum statistical mechanics, localization of normal modes and eigenstates in disordered chains, and a number of other contemporary concerns.Contents: Classical Statistical MechanicsSpectrum of Disordered and/or Anharmobic Chains of OscillatorsElectron Energy Bands in Ordered and Disordered “Crystals”The Many- Fermion ProblemThe Bose GasMagnetismTime-Dependent Phenomena and the Approach to EquilibriumReadership: Mathematical physicists, condensed matter physicists, applied mathematicians and theoretical physicists.Key Features:Comprehensive articles on scalable computing projectsDiscussion of optical buses and data gridsPresentation of projects on distributed Java and group communication


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