Probability and SchrAAdinger's Mechanics

Probability and SchrAAdinger's Mechanics
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Utgivelsesår 2002
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812776402
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Om Probability and SchrAAdinger's Mechanics

This book addresses some of the problems of interpreting Schrödinger's mechanics — the most complete and explicit theory falling under the umbrella of “quantum theory”. The outlook is materialist (“realist”) and stresses the development of Schrödinger's mechanics from classical theories and its close connections with (particularly) the Hamilton–Jacobi theory. Emphasis is placed on the concepts and use of the modern objective (measure-theoretic) probability theory. The work is free from any mention of the bearing of Schrödinger's mechanics on God, his alleged mind or, indeed, minds at all. The author has taken the naïve view that this mechanics is about the structure and dynamics of atomic and sub-atomic systems since he has been unable to trace any references to minds, consciousness or measurements in the foundations of the theory.Contents:Preliminaries:Orientation and OutlookProbabilities:Simple ProbabilitiesA More Careful Look at ProbabilitiesClassical Mechanics:The Hamilton–Jacobi EquationAngular MomentumSchrödinger's Mechanics:Prelude: Particle DiffractionThe Genesis of Schrödinger's MechanicsThe Schrödinger EquationIdentities: Momenta and Dynamical VariablesAbstracting the StructureInterpretation from Applications:The Quantum Kepler ProblemThe Harmonic Oscillator and FieldsPerturbation Theory and EpicyclesFormalisms and “Hidden” VariablesDisputes and Paradoxes:Measurement at the Microscopic LevelParadoxesBeyond Schrödinger's Mechanics?Readership: Physical scientists interested in quantum theory, philosophers of science, and students of scientific philosophy.Key Features:Written by top 10 scholar world wide in economics and business, with both research and industry background


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