Knowledge Level in Expert Systems

Knowledge Level in Expert Systems
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Utgivelsesår 2014
Forlag Elsevier Science
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ISBN 9781483257556
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Om Knowledge Level in Expert Systems

The Knowledge Level In Expert Systems: Conversations and Commentary deals with artificial intelligence, cognitive science, qualitative models, problem solving architectures, construction of knowledge bases, machine learning integration, knowledge sharing or reusability, and mapping problem-solving methods. The book tackles two opposing dogmas: first, that control is generic so is in the inference engine; and two, deep and surface knowledge are different so deep knowledge belongs in a performance system. The text also explains how to use SPARK, a selection method, in approaching the task features that can be used to select or construct the problem-solving method suitable for the task. An alternative method to SPARK starts with an analysis of the domain model and a classification using primitive inference steps. The book also adds that expert problem solving is a form of qualitative modeling that connects other expert systems and engineering. The text then describes very large knowledge bases, particularly, the volume of which knowledge bases can be integrated with expert systems, coherence maintenance, and use/neutral representation of knowledge. Task analysis and method selection focuses on SPARK; how theories about the relation between task features and expert system solutions can be empirically validated. The book also enumerates the benefits and limitations of a generic task approach, and how various modules with their specific internal architectures can be integrated. Programmers, computer engineers, computer technicians, and computer instructors dealing with many aspects of computers such as programming, networking, engineering or design will find the book highly useful.


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