Smarter Stock Picking

Smarter Stock Picking
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Utgivelsesår 2010
Forlag Pearson Education Limited
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9780273727828
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Om Smarter Stock Picking

How do the worlds most successful investors achieve an out-performance of the market? What helps them determine what stocks to buy? For decades famous and not so famous investors have been using a variety of strategies to screen the market and narrow down potential shares. Analysis shows that its more lucrative to focus on a set of shares with defined characteristics than to invest across a wide variety of markets. Smarter Stock Picking walks you through the key screening techniques that will enable you to make discriminating and intelligent share choices. Over the long term, stocks and shares have proven themselves to be one of the best investments available. Despite some risks, they beat both bonds and cash. But whats the most effective way to ensure that youre using the best strategies to buy the best shares? Using proven research based studies, Smarter Stock Picking walks you through each screening technique and shows you how to deploy key strategies that will help you successfully pick the right stocks so that you can get the right returns. Drawing on a range of ideas and theories from classic value investing through to popular momentum based strategies it explains the thinking and the actual measures used, and will help you develop your own strategies. Smarter Stock Pickingincludes: The Measures The Theory DividendsBack to the Source Deep Value InvestingThe world according to Tweedy, Browne and Graham Quality and Growthof wide moats and GARP All Out for Growth small caps and the momentum effect Putting it into Practice : How an Investor Investigates a Company by Paul Darrall Dolman Putting it Into Practice : Shooting Stars by John Mulligan Putting it into Practice : The Share Maestro System by Glenn Martin Putting it into Practice : Using Sharescope and InvestorEase Putting it into Practice : Fundamental Indexing What really works


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