Communication and Relationships

Communication and Relationships

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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2014
Forlag Soul Sessions
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9780987336231
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Om Communication and Relationships

Is your child a good communicator? Can your child make & keep the right kinds of friends? Do you want your child to be a good leader& team player? 12 step-by-step activities help parents support children to manage their emotions & develop effective & thoughtful communication which helps kids build strong relationships with family, friends & peers.Research shows that kids who have close friends are safer from bullying and are less likely to experience anxiety & depression than children who are loners. Kids feel safest and happiest when they have good friends. Kids are social by nature, so being able to manage their emotions, communicate & relate with others is a valuable skill for building personal relationships with family & friends. It's heartbreaking for a parent to hear their child say; 'I've got no friends, nobody wants to be with me'. And, it's frightening for parents when their kids get in with the wrong crowd. Help your child make the right kinds of friends, know what it means to be a good friend & develop their communication skills so you can feel relaxed knowing they can make & keep good friends. One of the main ingredients of good communication is listening & managing emotions. Research shows that most people are not good listeners. However, we all want to be heard & understood, & it's for this reason that people who have good listening skills tend to have more successful interpersonal relationships & closer friendships.Understanding the complexity of social relationships requires more than just trial & error, or a simple understanding of 'manners'. Communication & social skills are developed over time, through a comprehensive program of instruction, interaction, experience, reflection & practice. At school kids have so many team projects and activities. Learning how to cooperate & work in a group, as well as understanding when to take the lead & when to follow, are valuable skills for ensuring your child's good education. Other social skills your kids will learn in this book include active listening, understanding how to avoid unnecessary conflict, managing & expressing anger in an effective way & how to be a good communicator. Each of these activities supports your child to develop strong relationships with their family & friends, as well as relate in a productive & harmonious way in life.


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