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Utgivelsesår 2011
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ISBN 9789812836076
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Om Physicists

The book is a collection of memoirs on famous Soviet physicists of the 20th century, such as Tamm, Vavilov, Sakharov, Landau and others. The memoirs were originally written in Russian by E L Feinberg. The narrative is situated within a remarkably well- described historical, cultural and social context. Of special interest are the chapters devoted to Soviet and German atomic projects.Contents:MANDELSTAM, Leonid Isaakovich (1879–1944)TAMM, Igor Evgen'evich (1895–1971)SAKHAROV, Andrei Dmitrievich (1921–1989)VAVILOV, Sergei Ivanovich (1891–1951)LEONTOVICH, Mikhail Aleksandrovich (1903–1981) MINTZ, Aleksandr L'vovich (1895–1974)BOHR, Niels Hendrik David (1885–1962)HEISENBERG, Werner Karl (1901– 1976)What Brought Hitler to Power? And Who?LANDAU, Lev Davidovich (1908–1968)Readership: Academics and general readers interested in the history of science.


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