Modern Trends in Physics Research


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Modern Trends in Physics Research MTPR-08 was the third of the International Conference series held biannually by the Physics Department in Faculty of Science of Cairo University.The objectives of the conference are to develop greater understanding …

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    Om Modern Trends in Physics Research

    Modern Trends in Physics Research MTPR-08 was the third of the International Conference series held biannually by the Physics Department in Faculty of Science of Cairo University.The objectives of the conference are to develop greater understanding of physics research and its applications to promote new industries; to innovate knowledge about recent breakthroughs in physics, both the fundamental and technological aspects; to implement of international cooperation in new trends in physics research and to improve the performance of the physics research facilities in Egypt. This proceeding highlights the latest results in the fields of astrophysics, atomic, molecular, condensed matter, lasers, nuclear and particle physics. The peer refereed papers collected in this volume, were written by international experts in these fields. The keynote lecture, “Overview on the Era of the Exploration of the Planets and Planetary Systems,” delivered by Professor Jay M Pasachoff of Williams College — Hopkins Observatory was featured in the proceedings. As 2008 was the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik, which began the Space Age, this volume is a unique collection of keynote, plenary and invited presentations covering fields of astrophysics, atomic physics, condensed matter physics as well as nanotechnology, molecular physics and laser physics. This volume will serve as a useful reference for scientists in modern physics and technology of the 21st century.Contents:Opening Honorary Keynote Presentation: The Solar System in the Age of Space Exploration (Jay M Pasachoff)Atomic, Molecular & Condensed Matter Physics:The Iron Project: Radiative Atomic Processes in Astrophysics (Sultana N Nahar)Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy of the Cs2 33Πg → b3Πu Transition (Dan Li, Feng Xie and Li Li)Effects of Rare Earth Oxides on Some Physical Properties of Li-Zn Nanoparticle Ferrites (M A Ahmed, N Okasha, A I Ali, M Hammam and J Y Song)A First-Principles Calculation of the Magnetic Moment and Electronic Structure for Selected Half-Heusler Alloys (Samy H Aly, Riham Shapara and Sherif Yehia)A First Principles Calculation of the Electronic Structure, Magnetic Moment and Spin-Density for Selected Full-Heusler Alloys (Sherif Yehia, M M Ahmed, M Hammam, Mona A Ahmed and Samy H Aly)Magnetic Super-Exchange Interaction and Structure of Copper(II) 1,4 Butylenediamine Tetrachloride [NH3(CH2)4H3N]CuCl4 Single Crystal (M A Ahmed, I S Ahmed Farag and Nabila M Helmy)Resonant Transfer Excitation Cross Sections for Phosphorus Ions with K-Shell Excitation (H Hanafy, G Omar and F Shahin)Investigation of the Developed Precipitates in AlMgSiCu Alloys with and without Excess Si (E F Abo Zeid)Evidence of Jahn-Teller Distortion and Phase Separation in Ca Doped LaMnO3 (M A Ahmed and S I El-Dek)Electrical Conduction Mechanism and Optical Properties of Polyvinyl Acetate and Cellulose Acetate Propionate Blends (F H Abd El-Kader, A M Shehap, A F Basha and N H El-Fewaty)A New Technique for Increasing Efficiency of Silicon Solar Cells (A Ibrahim)Study of the Relationship Between Electrical and Magnetic Properties and Jahn–Teller Distortion in R0. 7Ca0.3Mn0.95Fe0.05O3 Perovskites by Mössbauer Effect (E K Abdel-Khalek, W M El-Meligy, E A Mohamed, T Z Amer and H A Sallam) Electronic Band Structure and Magnetic Properties of YCo5 (Samy H Aly, Fatema AlZahraa Hassan and Sherif Yehia)Influence of Zinc Substitution on Some Physical Properties of Co-La Ferrite (M A Ahmed and N Okasha)Role of Cu2+ Concentration on the Structural, Spectroscopic and Magnetic Parameters of Y3+ Substituted Ni-Zn Ferrite (M A Ahmed, M M El-Sayed and S I El-Dek)Effects of Rare Earth Ions on the Quality and the Magnetic Properties of Ag-Ferrites (M A Ahmed and N Okasha)Lasers, Chemical Physics & Devices:Vacuum Technology and Standardization-An Update (H M Akram and H Rashid)The Interaction of High Density Short Pulse Laser with Matter (Lotfia El Nadi and Magdy M Omar)Elastic Backscatter LIDAR Signal to Noise Ratio Improvement for Daylight Operations: Polarization Selection and Automation (Yasser Y Hassebo and Khaled Elsayed)Analysis of Plasma Produced by Laserablation for Copper (A I Refaie, I El Ghazali, S H Allam and Th M El Sherbini)Preparation of GaN Nanostructures by Laser Ablation of Ga Metal (Lotfia El Nadi, Magdy M Omar, Galila A Mehena and Hussien M A Moniem)Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Technique in Identification of Ancient Ceramics Bodies and Glazes (Khaled Elsayed, Hisham Imam, Fatma Madkour, Galila Meheina and Yosr Gamal)Thermal Stability and Infrared-to-Visible Upconversion Emissions of Er3+/Yb3+CO-Doped 70GeO2–20PbO–10K2O Glasses (Samah M Ahmed, I Shaltout and Y Badr)Effect of Host Medium on the Fluorescence Emission Intensity of Rhodamine B in Liquid and Solid Phase (M Fikry, M M Omar and Lotfi Z Ismail)Low Temprature Photoluminescence and Photoconductivity of ZnSexTe1-x Ternary Alloys (A Salah, G Abdel Fattah, I K Elzawawy and Y Badr)Optical Properties of Ga Oxide Nanostructures (Lotfia El Nadi, Galila Abdelatif, Hussien M Moniem and Magdy M Omar)A Comparative Study of Laser Cleaning of Archaeological Inorganic Materials with Traditional Methods (Hisham Imam, Khaled Elsayed and Fatma Madkour)Asthma Early Warning System in New York City (AEWSNYC) Using Remote Sensing Approaches (Yasser Hassebo and Zahidur Rahman)Nuclear, Particle Physics & Astrophysics:Do We Expect a Multiple Dip Structure at LHC Energies? (Fazal-e- Aleem, Haris Rashid and Sohail Afzal Tahir)Search on e+ – e– Pair and Observation of a New Light Neutral Boson (M S El-Nagdy, A Abdelsalam and B M Badawy)The Moving Quasars (Shahinaz Yousef, M Kamal, H Mansour, Sayeda, M Amin, Khadiga Abder Rahman, Al Hassan Abd Al Monem)Electron Beam Technology — Some Recent Developments (Munawar Iqbal and Fazal-e-Aleem)Study of Target Fragmentation in Heavy Ion Interactions at 3.7A GeV (A Abdelsalam, N Rashed, B M Badawy and E El-Falaky)Solar Induced Climate Changes and Cooling of the Earth (Shahinaz M Yousef)Cross-Sections Calculations for Producing Pair Higgs Bosons and Neutralino Via Three Neutral Higgs Boson Propagators (M M Ahmed)The Production Cross-Sections for the Process e+(P1)+e–(P3) → H+i(P2) +H–i(P4) + $\tilde{\chi}0_\ell (P_5)$An Earlier Natural Mechanism Proposal for the Closure of the Ozone Hole and the Present 30% Closure (Shahinaz M Yousef, Siham A Al-Kuhaimi and Aisha Bebars)Readership: Researchers and graduates in theoretical physics.



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