International Financial Instability

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This book explores the potential and problems of bank safety and efficiency arising from the rapidly growing area of cross-border banking in the form of branches or subsidiaries with primarily only national prudential regulation. There are likely to…

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    Om International Financial Instability

    This book explores the potential and problems of bank safety and efficiency arising from the rapidly growing area of cross-border banking in the form of branches or subsidiaries with primarily only national prudential regulation. There are likely to be differences in the treatment of the same bank operating in different countries or of different banks from different home countries operating in the same country with respect to deposit insurance provisions, declaration of insolvency, resolution of insolvencies, and lender of last resort protection. The book identifies these protection problems and discusses possible solutions, such as greater cross-border cooperation, harmonization and organizations.The contributors to this book include experts from different countries and from a wide range of affiliations, including academia, regulators, practitioners, and international organizations. Contents:Special Addresses:Cross-Border Banking Regulation — A Way Forward: The European Case (Stefan Ingves)Remarks before the Conference on International Financial Instability (Sheila C Bair)Benign Financial Conditions, Asset Management, and Political Risks: Trying to Make Sense of Our Times (Raghuram G Rajan)International Financial Instability: Cross-Border Banking and National Regulation Chicago — Dinner Remarks (Jean Pierre Sabourin)Landscape of International Banking and Financial Crises:Current State of Cross-Border Banking (Dirk Schoenmaker & Christiaan van Laecke)Actual and Near-Miss Cross-Border Crises (Carl-Johan Lindgren)A Review of Financial Stability Reports (Sander Oosterloo, Jakob de Haan, & Richard Jong-A-Pin)Discussion of Landscape of International Banking and Financial Crises (Luc Laeven)Causes and Conditions for Cross-Border Instability Transmission and Threats to Stability: Cross-Border Contagion Links and Banking Problems in the Nordic Countries (Bent Vale)Currency Crises, (Hidden) Linkages, and Volume (Max Bruche, Jon Danielsson & Gabriele Galati) What Do We Know about the Performance and Risk of Hedge Funds? (Triphon Phumiwasana, Tong Li, James R Barth & Glenn Yago)Remarks on Causes and Conditions of Financial Instability Panel (Garry Schinasi)Prudential Supervision:Home Country versus Cross-Border Negative Externalities in Large Banking Organization Failures and How to Avoid Them (Robert A Eisenbeis)Conflicts between Home and Host Country Prudential Supervisors (Richard J Herring)Cross-Border Nonbank Risks and Regulatory Cooperation (Paul Wright)Challenges in Cross-Border Supervision and Regulation (Eric Rosengren)Government Safety Net:Bagehot and Coase Meet the Single European Market (Vítor Gaspar)Banking in a Changing World: Issues and Questions in the Resolution of Cross-Border Banks (Michael Krimminger)International Banks, Cross-Border Guarantees, and Regulation (Andrew Powell & Giovanni Majnoni)Deposit Insurance, Bank Resolution, and Lender of Last Resort — Putting the Pieces Together (Thorsten Beck)Insolvency Resolution:Cross-Border Resolution of Banking Crises (Rosa Marí a Lastra)Bridge Banks and Too Big to Fail: Systemic Risk Exemption (David G Mayes)Prompt Corrective Action: Is There a Case for an International Banking Standard? (María J Nieto & Larry D Wall)Insolvency Resolution: Key Issues Raised by the Papers (Peter G Brierley)Cross-Border Crisis Prevention: Public and Private Strategies:Supervisory Arrangements, LOLR, and Crisis Management in a Single European Banking Market (Arnoud W A Boot)Regulation and Crisis Prevention in the Evolving Global Market (David S Hoelscher & David C Parker)Derivatives Governance and Financial Stability (David Mengle)Cross-Border Crisis Prevention: Public and Private Strategies (Gerard Caprio, Jr.)Where to from Here: Policy Panel:Cross-Border Banking: Where to from Here? (Mutsuo Hatano)Remarks on Deposit Insurance Policy (Andrey Melnikov)The Importance of Planning for Large Bank Insolvencies (Arthur J Murton)Where to from Here: Policy Panel (Guy Saint-Pierre)Some Private-Sector Thoughts on Home/Host-Country Supervisory Issues (Lawrence R Uhlick)Readership: Academics and upper-level undergraduate or graduate students in the areas of financial institutions, banking, financial regulation, or international financial markets; financial regulators, policy-makers, and consultants.



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