Advanced Topics in Scattering and Biomed

Advanced Topics in Scattering and Biomed
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Utgivelsesår 2008
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Om Advanced Topics in Scattering and Biomed

This volume of proceedings consists of the papers presented during the 8th International Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Scattering Theory and Biomedical Engineering, held in Lefkada, Greece, on 27–29 September 2007.The book contains papers on scattering theory and biomedical engineering — two rapidly evolving fields which have a considerable impact on today's research. All the papers are state-of-the-art, have been carefully reviewed before publication and the authors are well-known in the scientific community. In addition, some papers focus more on applied mathematics, which is the solid ground for development and innovative research in scattering and biomedical engineering.Contents:Scattering Theory:The Inverse Scattering Problem for Anisotropic Media (F Cakoni & D Colton)On the Sensitivity of the Acoustic Scattering Problem in Prolate Spheroidal Geometry with Respect to Wavenumber and Shape via Vekua Transformation — Theory and Numerical Results (L N Gergidis et al.)An Integral Equation for the Scattering Problem for an Anisotropic Medium and the Factorization Method (A Kirsch)Electromagnetic Scattering from Buried Objects: A Bem Analysis (A Papacharalampopoulos et al.)Applied Mathematics / Scientific Computing:Spheroidal and Spherical Green's Function for Stokes Flow (G Dassios)Evaluation of Vibrational Characteristics of Carbon Nanotube Resonators (S K Georgantzinos et al.)The Fluid Core Model for MEG Revisited: A Comparison with the Homogenous Case (D Hadjiloizi & F Kariotou)Numerical Simulation of Transient Waves Reflected by Surface Breaking Cracks in Concrete (D Pagidas et al.) Biomedical Engineering:The Use of Derivative Dynamic Time Warping in Ant Colony Inspired Clustering (M Bursa & L Lhotska)A Framework for Cancer Decision Support Based on Profiling by Integrating Clinical and Genomic Data: Application to Colon Cancer (T P Exarchos et al.)SVM Classification of Holter ECG Beats Using Wavelet Features (M Huptych et al.)Weight Analysis and Optimization in Fuzzy Modeling (M G Tsipouras et al.)and other papersReadership: Graduate students, academics, researchers and industry in biomedical engineering, bioinformatics, mathematical biology, mathematical physics and computer science.


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