Hopping and Related Phenomena

Hopping and Related Phenomena
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Om Hopping and Related Phenomena

This review volume contains articles on the recent developments, new ideas, as well as controversial issues dealing with the general phenomena of hopping transport in disordered systems. Examples of hopping systems of current interest are polymers and biological materials, mesoscopic systems, two- and one-dimensional systems such as MOSFETs, semiconductors near the metal-nonmetal transition, and the new high temperature superconducting materials (in their normal state). The fundamental problems addressed include effects of static and dynamic interactions with phonons, Coulomb interaction, new magnetic effects due to coherent scattering, effects of high electric fields, and relaxation phenomena.Contents:Capacitance Measurements of the Dynamics of Screening in the Electron Glass (D Monroe)Hopping Conductivity and Magnetic Transitions of the Cu2+ Spins in Single-Crystal La2CuO4+y (T Thio et al.)Conduction in Granular Metals, Failure of the Coulomb Gap Model (C J Adkins)Simulation Studies of Electronic States in Compensated Si:P System (M Eto & H Kamimura)Interactions and Quantum Interference in Variable-Range- Hopping Regime in n-Type GaAs (F Tremblay et al.)High Field Hopping and Negative Differential Conductance in Weakly Compensated Silicon (D I Aladshvili et al.)Large Bipolarons: Formation, Motion, Superconductivity (D Emin)Low Temperature Transport in a-Si:H (M Silver & M Kemp)Ionic Diffusion in Polymer Electrolytes: Dynamics Disorder Hopping Models (M A Ratner & S D Druger) and other papersReadership: Condensed matter physicists and polymer scientists.Key Features:A unified presentation of several international perspectives, and issues and concernsLearnings from educational innovations in different countriesA comparative assessment of engineering education systems and processes of CAETS member countries


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