Transport, Correlation and Structural De

Transport, Correlation and Structural De
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Utgivelsesår 1990
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Disordered materials offer new and unexpected insights into the structure of solids and the ways charge carriers move and interact with their environment. The first part of this review volume presents new results and ideas in the subject dealing with the local bonding structure in amorphous and vitreous semiconductors. These include the local bonding structure in chalcogenide glasses containing metal atoms, the interaction of local vibrational modes with their local bonding environment, and new models for the H- bonding configurations.The second part is devoted to questions of low temperature hopping transport and recombination of photocarriers in disordered semiconductors as a function of frequency and at high electric fields. The reviews by leading experts offer different insights and attempt to address problems from the various angles.Contents:A General Structural Model for Amorphous Semiconductors (P C Taylor et al.)Persistent Infrared Spectral Hole Burning of Impurity Vibrational Modes in Chalcogenide Glasses (S P Love & A J Sievers)Hydrogen Complexes in Amorphous Silicon (W B Jackson & S B Zhang)Thermally Induced Metastable Processes in Amorphous Hydrogenated Silicon. Fluctuon Model of a-Si:H (S B Aldabergenova et al.)Hopping Photoconductivity in Amorphous Semiconductors: Dependence on Temperature, Electric Field and Frequency (B I Shklovskii et al.)Optically Excited Localized Electrons and Photoconductivity of Disordered Semiconductors (I P Zvyagin)Tunnel Recombination in 4-Fold Coordinated Disordered Semiconductors (K V Koughia & I S Shlimak)Anomalous Hopping Transport in p-GaSb (D Aladashvili et al.)Transport Phenomena in Relaxation Case Inhomogeneous Semiconductors (Yu P Drozhov)and other papersReadership: Solid state physicists and electrical engineers.Key Features:A unique compilation of original articles not found elsewhereTopics are chosen to illustrate how understanding of structures and properties evolvedEach distinct topic is prefaced by an introduction, describing the state of current knowledge


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