Chemistry and Physics of One-Dimensional

Chemistry and Physics of One-Dimensional

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Utgivelsesår 2012
Forlag Springer US
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781461589150
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Om Chemistry and Physics of One-Dimensional

tailor-made molecules and indicated what kind of compounds could be prepared in the near future. In several evening and weekend sessions some participants presented summaries of their recent work and these and other new results were discussed. A draft of these discussions could not be added in printed form because of the 1 imitations set by the total page number of this volume, but to give at least an idea of the problems touched upon during these sessions, a 1 ist of the main contributors together with the title of the conribution discussed is given as an appendix. The reader might contact these authors directly if interested in special recent results. I hope that the participants have profited from the meeting and, furthermore, that at least some of the readers of the following papers are stimulated to high-dimensional cooperative efforts on low-dimensional conductive sol ids. Primarily I have to thank NATO who made this project possible through generous financial support. Especially I would 1 ike to men- tion gratefully the excellent cooperation with Dr. T. Kester of the NATO Scientific Affairs Division, whose personal efforts helped in the preparation and organization of the meeting. The Advanced Study Institute could not have taken place without the efforts of Mrs.


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