Trends and Issues in African Philosophy

Trends and Issues in African Philosophy
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Utgivelsesår 2011
Forlag Peter Lang Inc., International
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ISBN 9781453900642
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Om Trends and Issues in African Philosophy

This book provides an excellent orientation to, and a logical development of, the major trends and issues that have dominated discussions in African philosophy since the publication of Placide Tempels' Bantu Philosophy in 1945. Views of some of the best- known African philosophers, such as Kwasi Wiredu, Paulin Hountondji, H. Odera Oruka, Peter Bodunrin, and D. A. Masolo are discussed in detail. The text takes into account, in the form of quotations or referencing, the views of several other philosophers who have had something to say about African philosophy. This book facilitates an excellent orientation on African philosophy at the undergraduate level. Those pursuing African philosophy at the graduate level will find the text refreshingly novel.


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