Information-Theoretic Incompleteness

Information-Theoretic Incompleteness
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Utgivelsesår 1992
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812796493
Sider 238
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Om Information-Theoretic Incompleteness

In this mathematical autobiography, Gregory Chaitin presents a technical survey of his work and a nontechnical discussion of its significance. The volume is an essential companion to the earlier collection of Chaitin's papers Information, Randomness and Incompleteness, also published by World Scientific.The technical survey contains many new results, including a detailed discussion of LISP program size and new versions of Chaitin's most fundamental information-theoretic incompleteness theorems. The nontechnical part includes the lecture given by Chaitin in Gšdel's classroom at the University of Vienna, a transcript of a BBC TV interview, and articles from New Scientist, La Recherche, and the Mathematical Intelligencer.Contents: Technical Survey:Turing MachinesBlank-Endmarker ProgramsLISP Program-Size ComplexityNon-Technical Discussions:A Random Walk in ArithmeticNumber and RandomnessRandomness in ArithmeticThe Challenge for the Future:Complexity and BiologyBibliographyand other papersReadership: Computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists, philosophers and biologists.Key Features:Contains case studies of great investment successes and blowouts to better assess explicit and implicit risks and mismatches in maturities and investment horizonDiscusses strategies used by the greatest investors to obtain their high returns and how these can be replicatedAnalyzes hedge fund concepts and performance including major fund disastersContains studies of pivotal economies that will shape the globe and investment prospects in years to come


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