Shrink on the Loose

Shrink on the Loose
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Format E-Bok
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Filformat PDF
Forlag Untreed Reads
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781611873689
Sider 193
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Om Shrink on the Loose

Ride shotgun with Dr. Z and enter a psychologist's world far beyond the stereotypical. You'll discover culturally diverse and often precarious treatment sessions and evaluations in home kitchens, a Navajo hogan, an Army dining hall, and psych hospitals deep in the tropics. There's even the risky examination of a homicidal redneck in a cowboy bar, during Happy Hour.This itinerant shrink doesn't travel with a therapy couch-but you will attend therapy in India, Hong Kong, Germany, dusty New Mexico villages, a hospital obstetrics ward, and on American Indian reservations. Come along to meet an Apache girl with the Evil Eye, a raging and hallucinating jungle dweller, a Native American healer in a trance, and a Chinese cook whose wife worries that his shriveling penis will kill him.Learn from these extraordinary adventures of helping real people in places you'd never expect. Join Dr. Z, on the road, for psychotherapy and a bundle of psychiatric "irregularities."


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