New Dimensions of Chinese Foreign Policy

New Dimensions of Chinese Foreign Policy
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Utgivelsesår 2007
Forlag Lexington Books
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9780739158166
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Om New Dimensions of Chinese Foreign Policy

New Dimensions of Chinese Foreign Policy is an in-depth analysis of China's new place in international affairs. Taking Hu Jintao's proposal for 'peaceful development' as a starting point, the contributors in this volume examine the new trends of thought in the fourth generation of Chinese policymakers. Special emphasis is placed on US-China relations. Editors Sujian Guo and Shiping Hua have assembled a list of contributors_many of which are Chinese or Chinese-American scholars_with thorough knowledge of changes in Chinese foreign policy and their implications for the world. The essays contained in this volume cover a comprehensive breadth of topics, including: China's changing ideology in foreign policy, Chinese elite perspectives on the rise of China, the political orientations of the emerging elite, social dimensions of China's power status, 'soft power' management, approaches to the North Korean nuclear issues, Middle East foreign policy, entry into World Trade Organization and foreign trade policy, changing attitudes toward international regimes, and the implications of China-U.S. interdependence. The insightful contributions of New Dimensions of Chinese Foreign Policy is essential reading for any student or researcher of contemporary Chinese politics.


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