Harmonious World and China's New Foreign

Harmonious World and China's New Foreign
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Utgivelsesår 2010
Forlag Lexington Books
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9780739130414
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Om Harmonious World and China's New Foreign

Harmonious World and Chinas New Foreign Policy consists of essays by China specialists on the Chinese governments characterization of foreign policy as a harmonious world. The essays deal with such topics as harmonious world and Chinas new diplomacy, Chinas multilateral diplomacy after the Cold War, Chinas changing image of and engagement with the world order, Chinas energy security diplomacy, and Chinas trade diplomacy. These insightful contributions will help students in this academic field understand the new concepts and programs adopted by the Chinese new leadership and their important implications for Chinas new foreign policy behavior in the years to come.The concept of harmonious world has become the basis for the new principles and goals of Chinese foreign policy under the fourth generation leadership. The question remains, however, about the exact meanings of these principles and slogans, and their implications for Chinese foreign policy. This is the first edited volume that attempts to address this significant question, and its insightful contributions elucidates new dimensions of Chinese foreign policy and their implications for Chinas relations with the world.


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