straight bend into curved: Crack

straight bend into curved: Crack
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Utgivelsesår 2014
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ISBN 9781629783482
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Om straight bend into curved: Crack

Cheng Hao (Chinese Department of Fudan University Junior, born in 1992) was awarded by the Shanghai Writers Association Cloud Network Literature and Creative Writing Research Center, Shanghai University, "sprout" magazine and public electronic literature "zero magazine" hosted by Shanghai after 90 creative fiction contest first prize recipient.Dialogue firstHappy is not important, the most important is realCheng Hao is a very fast speech who born after 1990. He said that in life, he is a very home person. In the eyes of friends, he felt that he should be a "ha ha ha" image, some high, some nervousness. He thought it was some of his "the end of Carnival" taste of life. Because the hopelessness and depression often feel the real life, he chose to deal with this kind of attitude.He said after the contest, perhaps a some sort of symbol he will be attended by the media, but he know this has nothing to do with him. For him, in literary expression, bright and cheerful is not important, the most important is real. "True, often is not good, it may be barren or absurd."The Beijing News: in the award, you said that in this society, it is difficult to adhere to one's own interest. Thanks to this award, it makes you even more reason to stick to it. But in ordinary people's impression, people who born after 90s should be relatively easy to do these persist.Cheng Hao: In fact ,if you go to the street, just to find a few person born after 90s. They will say one or two reasons that they had not put their own interests to go on. No matter what age group, I think in their youth rebellion period they will indulgent, but as adults, they will be convergence and values the same as social values, to bear some responsibility, but also give some personality. Some have to give up, from the family. Bear family housing family influence on a person, many times beyond your imagine, I have such examples around.The Beijing News: in your reading and writing, where is the greatest impact from?Cheng Hao: in my high school days, I read a lot of books with interests. Compared to some traditional writers, I admire, such as Su Tong, Bi Feiyu and so on, also includes the earlier Yu Dafu, Zhang Ailing, and even Zhang Henshui. Maybe I was born with natural emotion, so I felt that the words of the world is very magical, writing is a wonderful job with word painting. In the reading of Duras's " lover", that in the hot Vietnam, a love desire, complex family background, the exotic romance happened shocled me. So there is an urge for me to write. In addition, Bi Feiyu's "Yi" is also my favorite, the story itself impressed me a lot, something inside, I can now recite, you can say it to my way of writing is shaped to some extent.The Beijing News: In this contest, your work "mirror" is a gay themes, many judges said the characters' psychological grasp, narrative of the mature is beyond the imagination. If in the future you continue writing, what would you pay attention to for themes and concerns?Cheng Hao: I will continue to pay attention to LGBT ( used to refer to lesbian for alleged (Lesbian), gay(Gay), bisexual(Bisexual) and transgender (Transgender) a set of words), which is also the sexual minority groups. They are vulnerable groups of emotional expression. In fact, in a certain sense, each of us is weak. I want to write the human's vulnerability, and probably because of some vulnerable evils, "mirror" is such thinking. In my opinion, evil and vulnerable people are linked together.The Beijing News: How do you think of the writing, why would you choose Zouzou as your mentor?Cheng Hao: I don't think that writing is sacred, and think that it is a technology. What let me feel the Holy Spirit is the evolution of human being. I want to reflect the individual and the evolution of consciousness by writing, and so far, it is also the one that makes me patient, intentnesses, devotion myself to work. And it doesn't bother me. Choosing Zouzou as my mentor is because during the race, and there is a forum with several editors of "harvest", at that time, I asked questions, and Zouzou proposed a detailed and constructive answer. I think at the moment what I need is the technical guidance, and she meets my needs.


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