Physical Chemistry of Solids

Physical Chemistry of Solids
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Utgivelsesår 1994
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812814838
Sider 296
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Om Physical Chemistry of Solids

This book is about the underlying principles of symmetry, thermodynamics and electronic structure that pertain to crystalline solids. After years of teaching graduate students in the areas covered, the author has a good idea of what major notions of group theory and thermodynamics are useful to students of solid state chemistry, and of what fundamental concepts are necessary for a clear understanding. Thus the book deals with lattice symmetry, space groups, reciprocal space, Landau theory, X-ray diffraction, heterogeneous equilibria and simple band theory, in a rigorous and thorough treatment.Contents:IntroductionBravais LatticesSpace Group SymmetryReciprocal SpaceIrreducible Representations of Space GroupsLandau TheoryThermodynamics of Condensed SystemsX-Ray DiffractionSingle Crystal Diffraction, Electronic StructureOrder-Disorder TransitionsReadership: Graduate students and solid state chemists.Key Features:Contains a comprehensive collection of many significant views in brain-mind machineriesIncludes mind-opening questions and a discussion on how the brain gives rise to a thinking mindBrings together multidisciplinary studies on the brain and mindIs accessible to public readers, yet has sufficient details for professionals and technical readers


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