Properties of Solid Polymeric Materials

Properties of Solid Polymeric Materials
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Utgivelsesår 2017
Forlag Elsevier Science
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ISBN 9781483218199
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Om Properties of Solid Polymeric Materials

Treatise on Materials Science and Technology, Volume 10: Properties of Solid Polymeric Materials, Part A covers knowledge in the critical areas of polymeric materials. The book provides a background in polymer structure and morphogenesis, and discusses rubberlike elasticity, a phenomenon thermodynamically unique to long-chain polymers. The text also describes the mechanics of anisotropie, oriented polymeric systems and of glassy polymers. The fatigue behavior in solid polymers and the electrical properties of solid polymers are also reviewed. The book further tackles the electron processes and electrical breakdown in polymers. The text concludes with a discussion of the role of the environment on the integrity of polymeric solids. Materials scientists, materials engineers, and graduate students taking related courses will find the book useful.


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