Boundary Value Problems for Functional D

Boundary Value Problems for Functional D
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Utgivelsesår 1995
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Om Boundary Value Problems for Functional D

Functional differential equations have received attention since the 1920's. Within that development, boundary value problems have played a prominent role in both the theory and applications dating back to the 1960's. This book attempts to present some of the more recent developments from a cross-section of views on boundary value problems for functional differential equations. Contributions represent not only a flavor of classical results involving, for example, linear methods and oscillation- nonoscillation techiques, but also modern nonlinear methods for problems involving stability and control as well as cone theoretic, degree theoretic, and topological transversality strategies. A balance with applications is provided through a number of papers dealing with a pendulum with dry friction, heat conduction in a thin stretched resistance wire, problems involving singularities, impulsive systems, traveling waves, climate modeling, and economic control.With the importance of boundary value problems for functional differential equations in applications, it is not surprising that as new applications arise, modifications are required for even the definitions of the basic equations. This is the case for some of the papers contributed by the Perm seminar participants. Also, some contributions are devoted to delay Fredholm integral equations, while a few papers deal with what might be termed as boundary value problems for delay-difference equations.Contents:Right Focal Point Boundary Value Problems for Functional- Differential Equations (R P Agarwal & Q Sheng)On Extension of the Vallee-Poussin Theorem to Equations with Aftereffect (N V Azbelev & L F Rakhmatullina)Boundary Value Problems on Infinite Intervals (J V Baxley)An Existence Theorem for Hereditary Lagrange Problems on an Unbounded Interval (D A Carlson)Dynamical Spectrum for Skew Product Flow in Banach Spaces (S N Chow & H Leiva)Positive Solutions and Conjugate Points for a Class of Linear Functional Differential Equations (P W Eloe & J Henderson)An Existence Result for Delay Equations Under Semilinear Boundary Conditions (G Hetzer)Periodic Solutions of Functional Differential Equations of Retarded and Neutral Types in Banach Spaces (L H Hoa & K Schmitt)Method of Quasilinearization for Boundary Value Problems for Functional Differential Equations (V Lakshmikantham & N Shahzad)Existence Principles for Nonlinear Operator Equations (D O'Regan)Sturmian Theory and Oscillation of a Third Order Linear Difference Equation (A Peterson)and other papersReadership: Researchers in applied mathematics.Key Features:Helps acquire a better understanding of China's developments and problems in the post-Maoist era and contributes substantial new knowledge about classical and contemporary Chinese ideasOffers critical analyses of various recent accounts of the “China path” or the “China model” Exemplifies that Lacanian psychoanalysis indeed can be a useful — indeed, powerful — methodological approach in the field of Sinology and China Studies


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